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Bobbie abd her family hid in the woods for hours.When all hope for freedom was gone, thousands of refugees fleeing across the border to Austria, came through Bobbie’s town. The Kalmans made no plans to leave, but by the end of November, things became much worse in Hungary. Thousands of people were taken from their homes in the middle of the night and were beaten almost to death—many for no reason at all. Bobbie’s parents had to make a momentous decision. Should they leave Hungary to live in freedom or stay and live under even more oppressive conditions than before? The family decided to defect, but it was getting harder and harder to leave the country because most of the borders had been closed down. The Kalmans’ first daring attempt by car was unsuccessful. They were easily caught by the Hungarian border guards.

Bobbie and her sister were taken into a room with two Soviet soldiers while her parents were being interrogated in other rooms!

Find out what happened next…

After being let go with a severe warning, the Kalman family tried to defect again two nights later—this time on foot under the cover of darkness.

Read about that terrible night that gave Bobbie nightmares for many years!

To find out about Bobbie’s life as a
Refugee, go to the “Refugees in Austria” section.

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