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A wealth of Hungarian history!

Part memoir, part history, this book looks at the Revolution through a child’s eyes. Along with Bobbie’s story, the book includes a factual history of the Revolution and the events that led up to it.
Special sections included with Bobbie’s story feature:
the 1848 and 1956 Revolutions
the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary
what it was like to live under Communist rule
news from the rest of the world on Radio Free Europe
poems about courage, freedom, and living without human rights
Hungarian flags and coats of arms, and tearing the Soviet symbol from the Hungarian flag in protest
Hungarian names pronunciation guide
how Bobbie overcame obstacles as an immigrant to pursue her dream of becoming an author and publisher—inspired by her favorite Hungarian king, Könyves Kálmán, or Kalman the Booklover

Refugee Child pages 22-23

Refugee Child pages 24-25

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